Welcome to Mindfulness Manchester

Breathworks logoThis is the website for information on Breathworks courses in Manchester.

We’ve been running mindfulness courses in Manchester for over ten years now, first just for people with pain, but in the last few years for people suffering from stress.  We’re happy to say that the majority of people who attend them benefit enormously. (See our testimonials page and research).

What is breathworks?

we run two types of courses:

For people with chronic pain or other long-term (physical) health conditions: for info on this go to mindfulness for health

For people with stress go to mindfulness for stress

and we offer individual tuition

If you are unable to attend a course or would rather be taught mindfulness one-to-one, we offer hour-long sessions at £60. You can either do a course in this way or simply have an individual session. If you’re interested in this, go to contact


what is mindfulness?

There are many definitions of mindfulness, but we really like one that we saw recently on an email from the mindfulness dept at the University of Wales, Bangor: mindfulness is cultivating the quality of being awake, present and accepting of this moment’s experience – which has a transforming potential on how we are with ourselves, how we are with others and how we are with stressful, difficult and challenging situations.

Learning this simple skill can have profound benefits on our lives, helping us to reduce stress and live well even with pain or illness. ‘Simple’ does not mean easy though, and it takes practice to learn to live mindfully, so if you are considering attending a course, be prepared to work quite hard. Most people find that it’s well worth the effort.

the photos on this website

We hope you like the nature photos on this site, which are all by Rachel France. We’ve chosen them because they express some of the qualities that mindfulness helps to develop: a clear but warm awareness of things, stillness, tranquillity, beauty and appreciation. We hope that looking at the photos will give you an idea of what it might be like to practice mindfulness. Click on them to view larger image. If you’d like to see more of Rachel’s photos, go to https://plus.google.com/+RachelFrancephotos/posts