mindfulness for stress

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Starts Sunday 11th March 2018, at Cross Street Chapel, Cross Street, Manchester, M2 1NL

Four classes, every two weeks: 11 March, 25 March, 8 April, and 22 April

The first three classes 1.45 – 5.45, the final class is an all day session: 10.30 – 5.30.

The course costs £275, which includes a handbook and three audio CDs or a flash drive.

There are a limited number of concessionary places at £185, which are available to people in financial hardship.  As a guide we suggest this applies to people with an income of £17,000 per year or less. If your annual income is higher than this and would like to discuss your eligibility for a concessionary place for other reasons, please contact us.

The teacher on this course is Ginny Wall.

To book please click on the link below. At the end of the form, on clicking submit, you will be directed to a secure payment site to pay the course fee which will confirm your booking.

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additional dates

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help from your employer

We have found that some employers will release people from work to attend our courses, and in some cases will pay for them. If you wish to approach your employer for time off or for funding, we will be happy to provide a letter to verify your course arrangements and attendance, and arrange suitable payment arrangements if required. Please note that if paid by an organisation the price of the course is £360.

how does mindfulness help?

Stressful things happen and often we can’t do very much about them. However, we often cause ourselves extra, unnecessary stress by reacting to those experiences, with various unhelpful thoughts, feelings and judgements. These kinds of reactions tend to escalate – one thought leading to others, leading to more feelings, leading to more judgements, leading to more thoughts …etc. Before you know it you’re drowning in a sea of despair!

Mindfulness helps us to deal with stressful situations by continually coming back to our direct experience in the present moment. OK, so you might still be under pressure to get that job done, or you may still be stuck in that traffic jam, or the weather may be awful (again!), but that’s all. You don’t have to cope with all the extra unhelpful thoughts and feelings that our minds tend to throw up.

Mindfulness also helps by allowing us to tap into our own inner resources. This happens naturally through meditation and mindful movement, where we develop a still serenity, from where our problems are much easier to deal with. Mindfulness practice doesn’t get rid of problems – while we’re alive we’ll always have problems – it helps us to change our relationship with them.

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who is the course for?

For anyone dealing with stress of any kind, whether associated with work, relationships, finances, loss or other factors outside your control.